Museum of Industry and Labour „Eugenio Battisti“, Brescia– 2004


The theme of the design is derived from the contradiction between the ephemeral character of the location and the institution of a museum. An area of production usually associated with fast movement and purely useful functions is opposed with the idea of a museum linked with durability and no real functional demand. The entrance hall of the museum is planned to be at the southern wall of the complex. A tower at the south-western corner marks the main entrance.The exhibition spaces, reading rooms and the auditorium are located in the existing production halls. An “S” shaped zone of movement stretching over the museum area forms the connecting link.  It is divided into three parts.

The entrance hall, which is situated between the museum and the wall of the cemetery is guiding the visitor into a long hallway and opens into a courtyard filled with water. The glass wall towards the courtyard can be opened during the summer and the transitional periods. The hallway leads into another foyer, which separates the temporary exhibitions from the permanent exhibitions. From here the hallway continues along the eastern wall of the building and will act as a stoa (a semi-colonnade) between the plaza in front of the Steel Press and the exhibition spaces. This stoa is planned as a space of contemplation in opposition to a space of concentration in the museum spaces.

Architects : Jan Kleihues und Klaus Schuwerk

Client : Comune di Brescia

Location : Brescia, Italien

Type of use : Umnutzung und Erweiterung einer ehemaligen Fabrikanlage in ein Museum für Arbeit und Industrie

Competition : 2004, 1.Preis

GFA : 15.000m2