MYND in a long-term documentary by rbb television

In the long-term documentary by Thomas Balzer and Georg Berger for rbb television, the current high-rise projects on Berlin’s Alexanderplatz are examined up close.  They look behind the barriers, introduce the projects and visit construction sites, architects and planning offices. Our current high-rise project MYND for SIGNA is portrayed as well as the leading architects Jan Kleihues and Götz Kern.

Part 1 can be found in the rbb Mediathek here. (only in German)

Part 2 can be found in the rbb Mediathek here. (only in German)

For the second episode of the documentary, rbb states:
The large construction sites at Berlin’s Alexanderplatz seem to be stuck underground. The building ground is complicated. Here, in the former centre of East Berlin, is the city’s largest underground station. One track of the U2 has already sunk: shuttle traffic! The film reveals the difficulties with which urban high-rise projects sometimes have to contend. Although initial milestones have been reached, the engineers are still struggling with the pitfalls of the underground.