Prof. Jan Kleihues is a juror in the urban planning competition for the new “Quartier am Humboldthain”.

The aim of the two-stage anonymous competition was to find innovative urban designs for the redevelopment of the Humboldthain area along Gustav-Meyer-Allee in Berlin-Mitte, the former AEG production site.

20 renowned offices were invited to participate and developed basic solution options for a mixed commercial quarter. In the second competition phase, for which eight offices qualified, detailed plans for the 6ha site were developed in a cooperative procedure.

Since the former AEG site is also home to a building project by Kleihues + Kleihues – the expressive Mediaport Berlin office building completed in 1996 – and the site on Brunnenstraße is flanked by Block 240 with the unmistakable ship-shape office tower by Josef Paul Kleihues (completed in 1996), Prof. Jan Kleihues was particularly keen to act as a juror in the selection of a design for the quarter. This winning design by the architectural firm Cobe now forms the basis for the establishment of the development plan, which is targeted for 2025 / 26.

Expert judges
Jórun Ragnarsdóttir, Stefan Bernard, landscape architect, Prof. Anett-Maud Joppien, Julia Tophof, Prof. Jan Kleihues

Expert judges
Berlin Mitte District Councillor Ephraim Gothe, Senate Building Director Prof. Petra Kahlfeldt, Lutz Keßels, Dr. Markus Vogel, Dr. Matthias Mittermeier

Photo Jan Kleihues: Robert-Christopher Müller / Büro Dr. Vogel