B&B Hotel Charlottenburg, Berlin – 2018

The new B & B Hotel with a façade designed by Kleihues + Kleihues is nestled between one of the most beautiful historic buildings in Charlottenburg, the residential and commercial building Kaiserdamm 118 by Hermann Heider from 1908, and another historic residential building, Witzlebenstraße 4. The vacant space at this prestigious corner was closed with the 6-storey hotel building.

The design is constructed on a base with horizontally structured natural stone, sculpturally structured plaster facades and a pitched roof with dark zinc roofing. The clear and rational architectural language combined with the dynamically curved façade create a restrained yet expressive impression.


Architect: Jan Kleihues with Götz Kern

Location: Kaiserdamm 117, 14057 Berlin

Client: Ringer

Type of use: Hotel

Rooms: 140

Realization: 2017 – 2018

Costs: 7,5 Mio. €