New start: The former Eckwerk becomes WIEWEIL – a place of knowledge and learning for Berlin!

Groundbreaking ceremony for the Upbeat in Europacity Berlin

23.07.2021: Lecture by Jan Kleihues “Geometry and Poetry” in Kornwestheim

Completion: Comfort in Herne – K111 sets new standards in housing construction in Herne

Wohnhaus Herne Klinker

The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design opens in Oslo on 11 June 2022

Maidan Museum in Kiev to be built. Donation of copyright to Ukraine. Large article in the F.A.Z.

12 May: Zoom lecture by Jan Kleihues as part of the PRAXIS series, curated by Nuno Mateus

Positive preliminary building decision for the SIGNA high-rise at Alexanderplatz

02.10.2020: JPK – geometry and poetry. The program of lectures accompanying the exhibition begins with Prof. Heike Hanada.

Texte on architecture: Czech publication about the lecture series 2012-2018 with contribution on Jan Kleihues published.