Detail-Interview with Johannes Kressner on the subject of BIM

Building Information Modelling is one of the innovations and simplifications of our way of working, but in its complexity it is also a challenge. Digitalisation is constantly advancing and as an architectural practice it is important to recognise new possibilities for action at an early stage, but also to critically question them. A conscious approach to software is the key to goal-oriented design processes. We are happy to embrace this change and go even further – because we strive to actively shape the process. This led us to become active as a founding member of the BIM Alliance at an early stage, and we value this exchange with colleagues immensely.

It was also important to develop a strategy for the gradual introduction of the methodology that corresponds to our quality management. Adapting the technical equipment is a matter of course, but involving all employees is also an absolute necessity. Under the direction of our BIM coordinator, regular internal training courses are held and the template file is constantly being developed.

The advantages of the BIM working method are immense, but it also requires openness on the part of the clients and intensive communication within the project. Only on a concrete project can we jointly optimise the use of BIM and define new norms and standards. In addition, the timeline within a project is changing in that the processing and coordination effort in the early service phases is increasing.

In the recent interview with office partner Johannes Kressner published on, you can gain further insights into how BIM has changed the way we plan and how the process can still be optimised. You can access the interview here. (German only)