Glasses Series ONONO, 2006

The hardware is from ic! Berlin, the design by Jan Kleihues. The development of ‘series one’ for ONONO is (as is often the case in architecture) about varying a principle design theme. This theme -which can be thought of as the essential form- should be unruffled, modest, timeless and unisex – in other words “wearable” for both men and women. The basic shape is slightly V-shaped, has a continuous frame, which is thinner from the nose piece to the edge and then continues directly over onto the sides. The different versions of the series start with narrow and very small reading glasses and end with large and wide glasses, which are well suited for progressive lenses. Highest quality, maximum wearing comfort and a timeless design are the core aspects of ONONO eyewear.

Client: ic!Berlin

Design: Jan Kleihues

Realization: 2006