Carpet (Vorwerk), 1990

This carpet was created for an open design invitation made by the manufacturer Vorwerk to artists and architects. The colored pattern corresponds to Kleihues’ interest in abstract shapes on a surface. He developed a basic typological theme through color pencil drawings. The square is the starting point: one square is divided by bisecting the middle, the other is divided by diagonals. He arranges these two square types alternately in a checkerboard pattern. A game is thus created with the variant-rich arrangement of these two motifs next to each other; the resulting shapes form new color contours through their juxtaposition and rotation.

From: Josef P. Keihues-Stadt Bau Kunst- Nicolai Verlag

Client: Vorwerk & CO. KG, Wuppertal

Design: Josef Paul Kleihues

Realization: 1990