Docklandhouse Münster, 2022

The harbour area in Münster is the most important construction development area and the most attractive new point of attraction in the city. The DOCKLANDHOUSE defines an important passport at this striking urban location. It creates a spatial link between the existing axes and points the way for the further development of the harbour area.

The volume takes up existing and future urban development references. The individually shaped structure is based on a structurally clear and economically efficient grid. The modularity made possible by this and the associated degree of prefabrication are closely linked in thought to industrial production processes as well as machine-aesthetic structures and thus establish references to the industrial character of the site – the harbour. The unmistakable identity of the DOCKLANDHOUSE manages the balancing act between modern, sustainable and quality construction and supports the individual character of the harbour. The architecture, embedded in its context, offers a stage and shell for liveliness and colourful hustle and bustle with self-evident restraint.

The building is composed of two volumes: a larger one with three office units per floor and a smaller “satellite” with a roof terrace, which includes the restaurant on the ground floor and another office unit on each floor. The two parts of the building are connected floor by floor via a bridge. All four office units on each floor are accessed vertically via a single access core, which is located in the larger body of the building. This simplifies orientation within the building and is crucial for an economical solution. The DOCKLANDHOUSE can be accessed from the Hafengrenzweg as well as from the canal side via a common foyer. The bright, two-storey entrance area connects both the outdoor areas on the canal and street sides as well as the lift lobby to the office areas and the catering area. At this hinge point, the different usage zones can be accessed simultaneously or independently of each other both during and after operating hours. Transparent openable façade elements in the foyer can separate the areas from each other if necessary. In summer, the glass entrance area can be opened to the attractive outdoor space without thresholds through the door system that can be lowered into the floor, which creates an additional quality.

The total of 25 office units with a clear room height of 3 metres offer the necessary flexibility of modern working environments and can be individually and modularly adapted to the needs of the users. A pavilion can be accessed via the spacious roof terrace on the satellite, which can be used as an independent conference room or event space and offers a unique quality of stay above the roofs of the harbour silhouette.

Location: Hafengrenzweg, 48155 Münster

Type of Use: office, catering and event space

Architects: Jan Kleihues

Client: Docklandhaus Immobilien GmbH

Competition: 05/2021, 2nd prize (non-open realisation competition)

GFA: approx. 20,000 sqm