Façade Restoration of the „Bed Towers“ of the University Hospital, Münster – 2018

The bed towers are an integral part of the Münster skyline and at the same time the landmark of the university hospital. For this reason, the visual identity of the towers is to be preserved and adapted  for today’s energy standards. The vertical arrangement of the office wing, on the other hand, should pick up the horizontal banding of the bed towers in the future. In this way, a formal connection to the base structure is guaranteed as well as bringing a sense of formally perceptible unity to the complex.

The formal reduction and focus on the exact formulation of just a few façade components creates a picture of elegance and sophistication, which – supported by the material choice of polished aluminum and pure white fiberglass concrete – mediates medical precision.

Architects : Jan Kleihues and Norbert Hensel

Location : Albert Schweitzer Straße 1, 48149 Münster

Client : UKM Infrastruktur Management GmbH

Competition : 2013, 1st prize

GFA : 48.000 sqm