Spetral Lighting Series, 2004

The luminaire series developed for the Concorde-Hotel translates classic hotel lighting into a contemporary design language using state-of-the-art lighting technology. The luminaire series is intended to underline the timelessness of the hotel (both exterior and interior) in form and function. The vertical base is made of solid, sharp-edged aluminum profiles, which emphasize its clean geometric shape. The floor lamp is seamlessly lowered into the horizontal plane by two concealed hinges. At the same time, there is a clear view of this sophisticated joint mechanism concealed within the profiles, so that the floor lamp can be used as an individually adjustable reading light.

Through its variable use of light, the luminaire can adjust for all of the different lighting functions required in the living room: The fabric lampshade breaks the light and allows a pleasant and glare-free basic lighting in the room. In addition, the luminaire projects light islands onto the floor and the ceiling with its direct lighting component. Through this dual function, the light coats the room in an exciting and pleasant way. The floor lamp is complemented by the bed and desk lamp which use the same design language. Since the bed lamps are also used for general space lighting, they are also equipped with cloth lampshades.

Client: Spectral, Freiburg

Design: Jan Kleihues

Execution: Sofitel Hotel Berlin (former Hotel Concorde)

Year: 2004