Zoo Quarter Berlin, 2014


The concept for the Zoo-Quarter offers the chance to revitalise an abandoned area in Berlin’s City West and turn it into a dynamic, metropolitan, open and green space. The design includes a well-balanced combination of block structures rising to the traditional eave height of Berlin as well as skyscrapers surrounded by green corridors. The goal is to create an urban area with attractive locations for flats, space for the Technical University of Berlin (TU) to expand and room for cultural institutions to flourish, as well as an area where offices, businesses and the hospitality industry could emerge. And, not least, a place where a link could be created between Hardenbergstrasse and the nearby Kurfürstendamm shopping boulevard, Landwehrkanal and Tiergarten Park.

Architect : Jan Kleihues

Location : Hardenberg- und Müllerstraße, Berlin