Residential house Joachim-Friedrich-Straße – 2019

The residential and commercial building at the corner of Westfälische and Joachim-Friedrich-Straße is situated in an upscale neighbourhood characterised by representative old buildings in the immediate vicinity of Kurfürstendamm. In the tradition of the Berlin Gründerzeit, the war-damaged block corner is closed again with modern and expressive architecture, thus setting an urban accent.

Bay windows and loggias lend the building plasticity and depth. According to a classical vertical zoning, the ground floor is designed as a stone building base, the entire facade is structured in relief by horizontal bands and vertical pilasters. According to the architectural concept, high-quality, natural facade materials are chosen: Light-coloured limestone on the basement level, large-format wooden windows with a black-brown finish and metal railings provide an effective contrast. Awnings are used for sun protection, which enliven the façade image and create a homely character.

The concept of the exterior design is continued in the high-quality lobby: The architectural structure of the walls and a curved staircase leading upwards suggest references to historical models. Parapet-high wall claddings on the ground floor, floors and elevator portals on all floors are made of natural stone, an elegant and durable material. A special detail of the lobby is a fixed bench whose shape follows the curve of the stair string.

In the apartments, the large-format windows with their low parapets create a generous exterior cover. Slender steel balustrades, which are placed in front from the outside, form transparent parapets.


Address: Joachim-Friedrich-Straße , 10711 Berlin

Architect: Jan Kleihues with Götz Kern

Client: Kupfer Vermögensverwaltung GmbH

Work phases: 2-4 and parts of 5 (detailed planning facade and staircase)

GFA: 2,300 sqm

Realization: 2016 – 2019

Construction costs: approx. 4.9 Mio €