Science City North Campus University of Copenhagen, Denmark – 2010

With the construction of the Panum Tower, a future-oriented research facility is to be created, which will become part of the city skyline of Copenhagen as well as a landmark that will give the nascent Science City North Campus and the University of Copenhagen a new identity. The building should provide an optimal working environment for research and be flexible in the long term for adaptation to changing requirements and future developments. The aspects of sustainable and resource-saving construction should be taken into account to a high degree; low primary energy demand of the building must be ensured.

A two-storey building with a horizontally structured brick façade adjoins the existing panum building and picks up the height of the existing building elements at the connection point. It forms the base for the skyscraper, which, set off by a horizontal joint, develops upward with paneling made of aluminum cladding. The design of the façade is based on the perception of the building from different distances. When viewed from close proximity, materiality and refined detailing are decisive for the sensory impression; from a distance, the abstract form of the building and it’s play with light and reflection are decisive.

Location: Nørregade 10, 1165 København, Dänemark

Architect: Jan Kleihues

Client: University Copenhagen, Danish University and Property Agency

GFA: 35.000 m²

Type of use: Labor, Kantine, Klassenräume und Vorlesungssaal

Competition: 2010