Fiege System Centre, 1998 – 1999

The characteristic integrity of our work results from a coherent theoretical basis; the individuality of the each design, however, results from the program, i.e. the use, and from the place where it is to be realized. It is necessary to conceptualize the “genuis loci”, the “spirit of the city” and then to develop the architecture that corresponds to the respective place and the respective program. The headquarters of the logistics company Fiege is the built proof of this strategy: the specific character of the building corresponds entirely to the philosophy of rational architecture.

The individuality of the building, however, results from the required program and from our respect for the Westphalian landscape, including the tradition of building with bricks, which is typical of Westphalia.

Address: Joan-Joseph-Fiege-Str.1, 48268 Greven, Germany

Architects: Prof Josef P. Kleihues with Norbert Hensel

Client: Fiege Engineering, Greven

GFA: 5,527 sqm

Type of Use: System headquarters of a logistics company

Realization: 1998 – 1999