Freedom and Unity Monument Berlin – 2010

The Monument to Freedom and Unity on the Berliner Schlossfreiheit is a 25 m high, minimalist sculpture in the form of a sphere, which consists of two half-shells of equal size. Between the two shells, in the north-south direction, is a 1.2m opening that allows light into the sphere and connects the interior and exterior. The walk-in sculpture creates a symbolic space that evokes unity with its greatness and an intangible sensation of fulfillment. The sphere, as a perfect geometric body, represents an ideal – analog to the concepts of freedom and unity- that is aspired to, perhaps even made reality in many cases, but always thought to be a utopia in its absoluteness.

In its shape, the sphere is perceived as a cohesive body, but it consists of two equal, mutual parts. These stand in tension with one another and bring to mind the bipolar principle of attraction and repulsion, which was and is the struggle for freedom as well as for unity. At the same time, it refers to dynamics: process and change. Ideals, values ​​and achievements are not fixed once and for all, but must be reasserted and demanded again and again in an ever-changing, globalized world.

Architect : Jan Kleihues

Artist: Eva Grubinger

Location : Schloßplatz, 10178 Berlin

Client : Federal Republic of Germany

Competition : 2010