Museum in the Kleihues Building, Kornwestheim (former Gallery of the City of Kornwestheim and Museum Henninger), 1989

The Gallery can enrich the site functionally and spatially. The structures of the gallery building must respond to different spatial edges. Only an elongated building can have a spatial and directional effect here. The pointed triangle conveys the spatially required directions. Parallelogram, semicircle, square and rectangle are the geometric bodies that spatially rearrange the heterogeneity of the site. The architectural image is restrained in detail and colourfulness. The walls were covered with a Cannstatter travertine, all steel parts and the windows were painted white.

Architect: Prof. Josef P. Kleihues

Client: City of Kornwestheim

Address: Stuttgarter Straße 93, 70806 Kornwestheim, Germany

BGF: 2,770 m²

Use: Museum

Competition: 1987, (1st prize)

Realization: 1988 – 1989, Lph. 1-8