Iserlohner Figure Eight Hook, 2010

If you move your eyes or your fingers along the edge line of the figure-eight handle, you will find that it is – in line with the principle of the Moebius loop – infinite. Two curved, interlocking surfaces shape the handle and are similar three-dimensionally to the image of the figure 8. The resulting symmetry allows for the use of the very ergonomic, almost hand flattering handle towards both the left and the right side.

The design focused on developing a self-evident element that one might think has always existed … The result is a functional and ergonomic shape that, despite its inconspicuousness, has an accurate form that meets the highest aesthetic standards.

This simple idea is the starting point for the development of a new coat hook or hat and coat hook for the Iserlohner Hook.

The “right” connection of the previously mentioned  “figure eight” elements merge into a form that immediately reveals their function. The wide upper end invites one to quickly throw a coat or hat over it while the lower narrower end is intended to a hang coat by its interior loop. Variations are possible, such as a hook consisting of a hat hook and two angled lower hooks instead of just one or even a small hook (see model). The hook series could also be a counterpart to the above mentioned “figure eight” door handle.

Commissioned by: Hermann Schwerter eK, Iserlohn

Design: Jan Kleihues

Realization: 2010