Street Furniture “Challenge”, 2002

Kleihues has been designing street furniture for internationally active Wall AG since 1995. For the first time in the history of street furniture, Kleihues designed so-called street furniture families. The individual products are based on the same geometry: the spherical triangle, which is based on arcs drawns off of the isosceles triangle. The product range includes bus stops, city toilets, newspaper / flower / drink and sales kiosks, advertising and information booths, as well as telephone and information pillars. The city furniture family “Challenge” was developed in 1998 for the street Unter den Linden in Berlin. After winning the competition, furniture with various functions was planned, produced and installed between 1999 and 2002.

Client: Wall AG, Berlin

Execution: Unter den Linden, Berlin

Design: Prof. Josef Paul Kleihues

Realization: 2002